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Jean-François Gratton +

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Photographer / director / DOP

Photographer, director, DOP and partner, pioneer, calm but forceful, known for his sensitivity, his generosity, his thoroughness, his vision, his light, his colours, his simplicity, and his loyalty. Loves winter, compulsively buys photography equipment, and could very well be a woodsman in his spare time. A mentor to the Shoot family, he would never give up his team, not even for a few long nights in a darkroom listening to The Cure. Founder and member of the image makers since 1986.

Pierre Manning +

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photographer / partner

Photographer, DOP and partner, known for his portraits, his light, his efficiency, his organizational abilities, his speed, and his sense of humour. A Swiss Army Knife in the studio, he keeps up the morale of the troops, is outspoken, and sings old hit songs. Wouldn’t trade the gang, the cyclo, the terrace, his parking space, and team meetings for anything else. Founder and member of the image makers since 1989.

Martin Girard +

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Photographer, DOP and partner

Photographer, DOP and partner, known for his retouching, his hyper-realistic montages, his efficiency, his facility with the teams, his solutions, his versatility, and his perfectionism. Is a talented impressionist, loves Pad Thai, always has an anecdote to share, and could compete in a brainstorming event at the Olympics. Would never give up the spirit of camaraderie, the workspace, the exotic travels, and the projects carried out for the studio. Founder and member of the image makers since 1998.

Jean-François Lemire +

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Photographer / DOP

Photographer, DOP, visual storyteller, known for his stagings, his ongoing search for truth, and his talent for calming things down. He always opts for a natural approach and loves to cover a lot of ground. Calm, genuine, and direct, Jean-François is no fan of artifice. Wouldn’t think of giving up the studio’s environment of sharing ideas and knowledge. Member of the image makers since 2003.

Hans Laurendeau +

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Photographer / DOP

Photographer, DOP, known for his ability to capture things at their most natural, his open mind, his frankness, his speed, and his fine-grained understanding of needs. Unable to refuse one of Martin’s Pad Thais, he maintains a low profile as an observer, but when it’s time to stir things up, he commands respect. Wouldn’t change the feeling of belonging to a family, the open-mindedness, and the workspace he enjoys in the studio. Member of the image makers since 2005.

Sandrine Castellan +

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Photographer, known for her sensitivity, her feminine touch, her aesthetic sensibility, her daring, her good humour, her magical ability to photograph children, and her talent for motivating the troops. A nomadic spirit, she is the queen of Nutella-stuffed crepes, and an unbeatable snorkeler. Would never give up the studio’s relaxed atmosphere, support, and humanity. Member of the image makers since 2011.

Matt Charland +

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Videographer / director / editor

Videographer, director, cameraman, editor, an unrivalled master of every step in the video creation process. Reliable, efficient, brings a passion to his work and delivers in record time. Shows leadership and flexibility, adapts like a chameleon, can marshal a team’s energies into an authentic, sensitive, diverse creative process. Intuition, mood, music, mouvement are at the centre of his work. Would never trade the respect, willingness to listen, cooperative spirit and mutual aid that characterize his team. Member of the Image Makers since 2015.

Lucas Harrison Rupnik +

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Videographer / director / editor

Director, cameraman, editor, sound man and sound mixer, recognized as a versatile self-starter with an open mind and a clear, bold vision. A photographer’s son, impassioned about music, film and the sea. Lucas, who has followed a varied career path and enjoys taking on challenges, owns a recording studio; he’s a quick learner, unfazed by the most complex equipment and software. He loves taking road trips, never passes up a chance to watch Jaws, wakes up without an alarm and likes the flaws inherent in nature. Would never give up appreciation for detail, team spirit and the magic that happens at the studio. Member of the Image Makers since 2016.

Kristia Louis-Seize +


Executive Director & Producer

Executive director, photo and video producer, worked for TOXA/Urbania and MEG Montréal. Manages, plans, produces, administers, follows up, budgets, invoices, researches, books and un-books. Types at the speed of light. Meticulous, a strong negotiator, intuitive, known for her customer service and her keen sense of organization. Can read other peoples’ moods, doesn’t have a green thumb, is passionate about astrology and likes to spoil her colleagues. Wouldn’t trade the Shoot team, the almost family-like ambience, and the studio’s christmas party. Member of  the image makers since 2010.

Diana Srougi +



Producer photo and vidéo has worked at the Festival de Cannes Marché du film and the Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois. Draws on her trans-Atlantic experience, works diligently on her projects and always finds a solution. Works fast, enjoys good food, is ambitious, organized, sensitive and flexible, and likes things to be concise. Meticulous and always willing to listen, loves nature, landscapes, art and meeting new people. Wouldn’t think of giving up the human approach, cooperation and team talent. Member of the Image Makers since 2014.

Audrée Desnoyers +

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Senior digital artist / photographe

Ninja retoucher, DIYer, photographer, illustrator, digital artist, the studio’s seal of quality, and a diplomat, worked for Shoot Studio and Shoot Studio some more. Sensible, resourceful, overly motivated, and known for her precision at all times. A DJ at heart, a photographers’ shrink, she is a master at drawing hearts in café au lait foam, and has gone through the entire Pantone colour chart as hair dye. Wouldn’t trade her colleagues or her graphic palette for anything in the world. Member of the image makers since 2004.

Geneviève Demers +


Senior digital artist

Retoucher, photographer by training, worked for several renowned photographers. Tactful, sensible, loyal, precise, she has a natural and creative approach. Into climbing, a fan of good food, a hardcore chocolate lover, she has taken catching a cold to a professional level, and dreams of travelling around the world. Could not even think of giving up the passion and humour of the studio team. Member of the image makers since 2011.

Bianca Iasenzaniro +


Digital Artist

A retoucher who’s long dreamed of working for Shoot. An undisputed whiz at cosmetic retouching – efficient, curious, precise and demanding, with a sparkling personality, never does things by half. Idealistic, determined, tenacious and impassioned, with a stylus in one hand and a coffee in the other, her contagious laugh resonates through Shoot Studio. Would never trade that special bond between retouchers, our passionate photographers’ flights of lyricism and the humour shared by the team. Member of the Image Makers since 2013.

Sarah St-Gelais +


Digital Artist

A retoucher hailing from a riverside community and a Cégep de Matane photography graduate. Dedicated, with a gentle touch, creative and curious, she’s fuelled by coffee and candy. Discreet, a perfectionist who gets a tad anguished at times, but seems incapable of raising her voice. A thousand projects always on the go, puts all she has into her art, fond of fashion, loves nature but not cooking. Would never give up the relaxed atmosphere, the secrets of retouching or her spot right near the coffee machine. Member of the Image Makers since 2015.